Interior Design for Modern Family – Saigonres Plaza – 2 Bed Room Apartment


Overall progress

  • Design apartment for Mrs Trang
  • Apartment: Saigonres Plaza
  • 2 bedrooms – 2 wc
  • Area: 69 m2

Detail apartment design

Living room

With modest area, living room is arranged next to large windows create an airy space, spacious. Large windows not only provide the light source for both apartments, but also create conditions for homeowners sightseeing. But arranged in narrow spaces but still room full of gadgets and meet the needs of aesthetics. 

Lobby from the main door to the house is not large but still optimizing shelf space such as shoes, umbrella, hat, …

The dining room space could be used for the space with a computer desk, where learning and working. Details of lights and decorative simple painting make impression on modern style apartments.

Shelf layout slender aims division of space with the living room room. Leveraging the boxes cabinets for displaying objects, add beauty to the room. 

Background with white walls, dark carpets and coordinating gray sofa texture create harmonious design. L-shaped chair is suitable for the room with a modest area. The detailed interior shelves and curtains with a minimalist design to increase the width of the room. 

Rock duo face black round table leg plating meets both needs and set decoration, to lay the basic items. The apartments are small, moderately follow modern trends, this double table design is a suitable choice!

To create more space to relax, fly windows is a very effective solution. Some bonsais not occupy much space but add more freshness in your apartment!

Inspired by the universe, the decorative lighting will be the choice interesting for your family room there!


The kitchen is optimized for space and juxtaposed on the counters of the two kitchens. The kitchen counter is designed to help increase the area file at the height of the bookshelf. Although the space is small, architects also pay attention to site equipment and equipment to meet the needs of home cooking.

Two I-shaped counters are placed parallel to increase the cooking area. 

Outside kitchen wall cabinet layout aims to display and store tools and utensils.


The design of the only apartment bedroom is quite modern and romantic. The architect has already lined up the cabinet, the dressing table and the bed. However, no such room becomes narrow and imprisoned. Light comes from a large group of small doors, close to nature.

Fly windows layout meets the needs of scenic sightseeing, relaxation of the owner. 

The closet in the wardrobe is arranged in a neat position, and the closet is created as a narrow room. Simple wall hanging TV entertainment does not occupy more areas.

Using space to set up bookcases, bookshelves are decorative and storage devices for green plants.

Overall Perspective

Let’s see overall the perspection of Sen Phuong Nam’s apartment design!

If you want to have what an elegant modern apartment, don’t hesitate to contact Sen Phuong Nam for more infomation!






Living room Interior design for apartment at HCM city  

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Interior Design for Modern Family – Saigonres Plaza – 2 Bed Room Apartment
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