Interior Design for Foreigner Family – Vinhomes Central Park – Landmark 3 – 3 Bed Room


Mrs Dung – Overseas Vietnamese in Australia is the owner of apartment buildings 12A Landmark 3 Vinhomes Central Park city areas.

Mrs Dung found Sen Phuong Nam for wanting to get modern, luxury space apartment for her and her family can stay in the first time. Then she can for the short-term rental units as Airbnb, Luxstay management and leasing.

Mẫu thiết kế căn hộ cho thuê - Vinhomes 3PN

Overall progress design apartment with 3 bedrooms – No 12A – Landmark 3

  • Apartment: Vinhomes Central Park – Landmark 3 – No 12A
  • Area: 100m2 included 3 bedrooms.
  • Design & construction time: 21 days. (No included Saturday & Sunday)
  • The contract value: 150 millions.

Detailed apartment design

Like almost other high-end apartments in Vinhomes, apartment within 3 bedrooms of Ms. Dung handed instant interior wall finishing. Including ceiling plaster went bulbs, floor tile, with kitchen cabinets, wall closet, toilet…

Apartment owners had an aperennial time lived abroad so they want stylish, modern decorated style.

Living room & bedroom’s space are used to take advantage of most of the space to display decorative items.

Mẫu thiết kế căn hộ cho thuê - Vinhomes 3PN

1. Living room design:

Living room becomes outstanding with luxurious sofa style.

Luxury living room sofa – Go with iron table legs rock face

Combined living room TV shelf wall shelving, cabinets decorated with souvenir items that she collected while living abroad.

Kệ tivi kết hợp kệ treo tường

Simple wine cabinets, combined with the cabinet for shoes setting, creating space for the living room seamlessly.

Tủ rượu kết hợp tủ trang trí

From the living room balcony, with iron tables and chairs, you can look over the view of the park integrity and Vietnam’s tallest building – Landmark 81.

2. Dining room – kitchen design

Simple dining room, decorated with lights deft drop.

Oak dining table legs, face rock 6 chairs (1m8 long) wooden chair combines the preference of the owner.

3. Master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms design

Large bedrooms with 2 fully equipped headboard in two side tabs.

Fly Window length & breadth allows employers external watch whenever you need a break.

Wall shelves and racks television bedroom modern style, consistent with the general perspective of the apartment.

Small bedroom no.1 with prominent corner shelves upon entering. Corner shelves help maximize space to accommodate books or ornaments.

Small bedroom no.1 style is similar to the master bedroom, with long shelf Fly Window  and modern television

Small bedroom no.2 is simple with A-shaped prominent shelf. Initially intend to use as office, then decided to take advantage to make bedrooms for families and tenants.

Shelves A-shaped can utilize as a desk or contain items, books, magazines.





Living room Interior design for apartment at HCM city  

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Interior Design for Foreigner Family – Vinhomes Central Park – Landmark 3 – 3 Bed Room
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