Design Modern Coffee Shop at District 7


The design of coffee shop make a huge contribution to decide the success of business. With the demand of creating peaceful space to enjoy tea,cafe at day as well as the bustle of bar night, Sen Phuong Nam chooses modern design for coffee shop. The combination of 2 in 1 with coffee shop depicts the problem how to make a balance between coffee shop and bar. You could watch more details about the design style of district 7’s coffee shop in an article below!   


  • The design of district 7’s coffee shop  
  • Area: 5mx9.5m
  • Requirement: coffee shop and bar night design 


The front of store is arranged a lot of cool green trees. The design of sign is simple, delicate with modern darken background. Spatial setting creates lightness, love for customers at the first sight. 

Wall decoration brings youngth, dynamism for the coffee shop space. Neutral, harmornious colours are suitable for different ages. Light provides customers with relaxation and peace for working or resting. 

The simple chair design optimizes space for usaging. Both designs of table and chair are not sotiphicated but it still has own beauty. Arranging the hanging cabinets with green trees helps people let their hair down. 

Area is not huge but the effective design always brings cool for the coffee shop. The large windows allows customes to obsever the outside view. 

The bar design is neat at the right position, which helps to mark different features of the coffee shop. They could become a private place to enjoy a cup of tea lightly, make a date with friends as well. The intention of changing into bar space at night, these bars will be extremely useful.




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Design Modern Coffee Shop at District 7
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