Interior Design Vinhomes Central Park Apartment – 2 Bed Room – For Young Family

You have a home, you need a more comfortable space for your teenage son. A home with a modern space, interior refinement will bring happiness to your happy moments together and after hours of work stress outside.

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Where the whole family come together to see the film entertainment, the shadow phase choking … or chat together after dinner. Open space that we can enjoy the cool wind power and natural light filled apartment.

Living room with modern design, simple with metal accents for wall brace copper or iron leg tea table … to the throne in 2018. The white-gray color is extremely cool.

The place where meals gather together is extremely natural design with oak furniture definitely with extremely natural colors, elegant. Vinyl chairs covered in soft comfortable to sit, and when the lamp light shine hang me warm inside your loved ones.

Cozy dining corner of the family

Where arrange comfortable footwear for the entire family and leaf wall art mirror angle becomes sparkling shoes and amenities.

Master bedroom with cool gray color white for young couples. spacious wardrobe comfortable for you so many fixtures with the top compartment for big suitcases. spacious bedrooms with soothing colors add elegance to sleep deeply. The dressing table with mirror adhesive compact wall space amenities which are comfortably spacious.

When the house has a small area. You do not need to decorate too fussy but simple and convenient is inevitable. A long white shelves under TV petite decorations highlight private space.

Entrances have an extra shelf full ceiling decorated with cute designs and lovely.

A natural lighting and the curtains that indifference makes more romantic space for young couples.

Space for their teenage son, where simple desk and a beautifully decorated frame. Relatively easy hanging lamps for the bedroom more lively.

Soft bed with headboard wall Luxury Vinyl wrap

Corner angle study is relaxing for you Sunny or sightseeing with a quiet baywindow …

Kindly please contact Sen Phuong Nam to own beautiful space where nest together enjoying happy thoughts …


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