Interior Design for modern family – Flora Fuji Nam Long – District 9 – Ho Chi Minh City

Loving the modern, simple style, Mrs. Hue came to Sen Phuong Nam with desiring to complete the interior of her house. After 3 weeks, apartment space has been replaced by warm, cozy, delicate throughtout details of design. 

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Project overview

  • Construction, design for living demand of Mrs. Hue ‘s family
  • Apartment: Flora Fuji Nam Long – Apartment B4.23
  • Residential floor area: 66m2 – 2 bedroom
  • The time of design and construction: 21 days ( not includes Saturday and Sunday)
  • The value of contract: 41 million (VND)

The detailed process of designing the apartment 

When we started the process of designing, the apartment was accomplished some basic furniture items such as wooden floor, gypsum ceiling, light, etc. With white wall, furniture is designed by neutral or darken tone. Taking advantage of light and optimizing the space are also paid attention. 

1. Livingroom design

The livingroom is located close to large windows, which helps to expand space and sight the city view.

Bay windows is located along the door frame, which creates conditions for relaxation. 

A tempered glass of table helps to reflect light, creating sleekness for the room. Furniture that made from wood MDF cover melamine is convenient, creating the modern feature.

The blue of sofa brings a good impression for the living room. A special colour is a recommendation for you! 

Sandinavian trait combines contemporary style through hanging pictures, making different things.

2. Kitchen

Expanding from livingroom space to kitchen space is no longer strange in the modern design. The modest area of aparment makes this type of design more popular. Instead of using bulkheads, a lot of families choose to paint walls or furniture in order to divide different rooms.

The kitchen and the dining room of Mrs. Hue’s apartment are arranged side by side. I shapen kitchen does not account for large area. In addition, it still meet the cooking demand of her family.

Optimizing the center wall makes space for dining room.

The blue colour is synchronization with the livingroom sofa, which helps hamonize the space. Simplify the legs of the chairs to stretch area 

Besides, the solid stone design of table is convenient for cleaning.

3. 2 bedrooms

The bed room matchs relaxation and working space.

With long and narrow area of the first bedroom, arrangement of furniture, bed, desk following a satisfactory way is necessary. 

Placing desk next to window helps to take sunshine into the room. The simple curtain prevents dust and sunshine from outside.

Bay windows is arranged close to small door beside corner to take fresh air and sighseeing.

Size of bed is suitable for a person. Hanging pictures create depth.

Combination of white – black, grey tones creates the modern style that is warn, comfortable for the room. A small window provides room with sunshine and ventilation. Carpet is also a impressed depth for your family’s bedroom!

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